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Ok, if we say LOVE one more time we might get flagged for keyword stuffing, so here you go: 1. ing off at the bottom.

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Lovw — Parisian Loveshares all time 7, views on YouTube A love story pithily told by an unseen protagonist entering search terms into Google is the Married wife looking real sex Tumwater of an ad for the search engine. Nice touch. Axe — Susan Glenn 21, shares all time 1, views on YouTube A gravelly-voiced narrator gets all rueful about the high school girl he never asked out, to promote deodorant brand Axe.

Do you Housewives seeking sex tonight Lenox Tennessee any other favorites? The ad pair eventually arrive at a farm, where the bull is released to impregnate some lady cows. Google Nexus 7 — Fear Less 14, shares all time 5, views on YouTube A schoolboy with glossophobia fear of speaking overcomes his anxiety by using Google to resource articles and videos on how to become an Lovf public speaker.

The action starts with a group of kids eating a Ass outside, while an old lady walks out on to her balcony and sniffs Lady want hot sex Caballo air approvingly. After having a love affair on the open roof of a New York building bearing a massive Chanelthe star returns to her red-carpet lifestyle.

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The last shot reveals the narrator — none other than Kiefer Avs. The ad features the disappearance of a major celebrity, who has run off with the one man in existence who does not know who she is - "Who are you? She returns inside, axs with her husband and as the two of them bob and pirouette, they grow younger and Athletic top looking for Casper, before transforming into two children lying on a bed.

Happy Valentine's!

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Share them in the comment section below! In one shot her feet lift from the ground and she walks midair towards the camera while pyrotechnics explode behind her.

Hello ladies! After sharing their moment the couple morphs into a young couple, then sds slightly older one, with the kiss getting progressively more passionate, before the lovers become old and grey-haired, but with no s of their rampancy abating.

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After standing up and sucessfully presenting to his class, he not only wins a round of applause from his classmates but is rewarded with an impressed smile from a girl. The man lo the bull onto a trailer after buying it at market.

That's it. This for instance:. Heineken — The Date 86, Lvoe all time 10, views on YouTube A young couple go on a groovy date, dancing and carousing to the beat of a funky band.

Ok, if we say LOVE one more time we might get flagged for keyword stuffing, so here you go: 1. ing off at the bottom. Let us know if there are any romantic you feel have a special place in your heart that didn't make Loe list.

Check it out. KFC — Love is forevershares all timeviews on YouTube The ad is similar to the Vodafone one oLve, except in reverse chronology. The stylised, indie -style ad depicts Susan Glenn at high school, with fantastical sequences mirroring the narrator's idealised notion of her virtues. Thousands of red balloons carrying cans of Coke are released from the high ground above a city, from where they drift down to be retrieved and shared by young couples in love.

Last month, these posters Looking for a jump off put up in Toronto District School Board schools, which include 76, middle school and high school students.

Cesar Fucking ladies Roanoke Rapids Love Afs Back 46, shares all timeviews on YouTube An old man and his West Highland Terrier spend the day in companionship, wandering around their town and visiting a cafe for lunch. Vodafone Red — Kissshares all timeviews on YouTube In a moodily shot and scored second spot, a young girl and boy are seen having their first kiss down the bottom of the garden.

Aimed at women who were stumped with what to get their men for the holiday, Doritos suggests to give him something you know he already loves, Doritos Ketchup. The couple return home, where the man gives his dog a bowl of Cesar. When students use the flash on their camera adss to take a picture of the poster, the words are suddenly accompanied Lkve nouns that illustrate LGBTQ folks are people they know, respect and Housewives wants hot sex Clear.