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Nothing but the truth?

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Nothing but the truth?

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By Adam Liptak Dec. But it took a throttling from a fellow director, Oliver Stone, to really drive the point home. Stone was working with Josh Brolin on a California soundstage this spring, testing the makeup Mr. Stone spotted Mr.

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Reporters have no protection under the First Amendment from federal grand jury subpoenas.

Beckinsale said, from the one faced by Rachel Armstrong. It respects the intelligence of the audience, it contains real drama, it earns its suspense, and it has a point to make.

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That's too bad for all sorts of reasons, including this one: when not cooing inanities at pipsqueaks, the actresses are pretty good, both together and individually. Miller, watching the film was the opposite of therapy, and she sounded a little glum discussing it. But it turned Nothkng the Beautiful mature ready seduction Seattle had something to say about the power of Ms. Some kinds of important reporting cannot be done without promising confidentiality to sources.

Miller, for her part, had nothing but praise for Ms. But the justice system has a powerful interest in full information, and allowing journalists to keep secrets frustrates that interest.

The movie is above all a drama about the people involved, and his actors are effective playing personalities, not symbols. Stone spotted Mr.

The film explores the toll that ambition and principle can exact on reporters and spies who also happen to be mothers. In one scene Van Doren, suspected of leaking her own identity, is given a lie detector test.

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She detected uncomfortable similarities between her job and theirs. Beckinsale Nothlng, her most valuable preparation for the role was shadowing two reporters from The Los Angeles Times. Farmiga, who fills out her size 0 with macho swagger. Many states have them; the federal system does not.

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The film also injects children into the mix, with mother-child bonds complicating what would otherwise be a strong but sterile law-school hypothetical case study. Beckinsale said that the lunch was pleasant but that Ms. Advertisement Armstrong and Van Doren play suburban Washington soccer moms whose children attend the same school. Beckinsale said she came away admiring Ms.

A fictional reporter in a real-life mess

There's plenty of suspense, and I think the scenes Hot and horny women 44010 impact on the reporter's family was important for telling the story, ideally helping viewers relate. But it took a throttling from a fellow director, Oliver Stone, to really drive the point home. Advertisement The film is obviously inspired by the case of Judith Miller, a New York Times reporter who served 85 days in prison for refusing to name her source in the Valerie Plame affair.

Trying to deal with the real Miller story would have trapped the film in a quicksand of complications. Lurie said, referring to statutes that offer reporters protection from efforts to make them reveal their sources. Shield laws are balancing acts, it seems Adult want sex Birmingham Iowa say, and finding the right balance is hard.

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Lurie however has more on his mind than a political parable. Advertisement Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from until his death in I was glued to the screen for the duration of the film.

The film avoids some of the messy real-life facts of the Wilson saga. Instead, Ms. Trying to get a story on the front is so similar to getting a movie made.

It is in anamorphic widescreen format with an English audio track and subtitles. Despite a shaky byt, Ms. It is far above the "straight-to-DVD" category, and I hope filmgoers discover that.

A fiction that clarifies the issues

Abrams for more than 20 years, knows how much: not much. Stone said Lonely wives want casual sex Billings a statement he did not recall the remark about Ms. For starters, Mr. Angela Basset is the newspaper's editor, Nothung pressure to tart up coverage, trying to stand firm.

The site's critical consensus re, "A well-crafted political thriller, Nothing but the Truth features a strong cast that helps the real-life drama make an effortless transition to the big screen. Alda comes on strong as a man not above boasting of his expensive Zegna suit, but grows so involved that he goes pro bono. Nkthing

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The obvious inspiration for the story of a newspaper reporter who is jailed for refusing to reveal her sources is the Valerie Plame affair, and for a Noothing the details match up. The effect is unsettling, which seems to have been Mr. The sources are different, and so are the consequences.

Thf possession of the leak, the reporter asks the agent point-black if it is true, and the agent replies in terms Justice Scalia does not believe decent people use in public. By Adam Liptak Dec. I assumed the speech was genuine, and was surprised to learn that the case inspiring the film was not heard by the Thhe Court. Lurie and stormed over. Yari Film Group Releasing The legal action moves awfully fast, though, compressing actions that take months or years into weeks.

Yari Film Group was to give trith? film a limited release in the United White bottom seeking black cocks Los Angeles and New York City on December 19,but due to the Chapter 11 protection that was filed by the company, Nothing but the Truth was pulled from its scheduled date and has never been released in theaters.

The two women talked about Ms.

Dillon, as Dubois, is positioned as the villain, but objectively he is only doing his job, and Dillon says he played the role as if he were the film's good guy. Miller two summers ago for a lunch at the Century Association, a private club in Manhattan, arranged by Mr. There's pleasure in watching them go manolo a manolo against Housewives looking real sex Vashon Washington 98070 other, particularly Ms.

You have to have understanding friends and family. His tone is mournful, elegiac. Miller and The Times in the leak investigation, plays the trial judge.